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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> walking down a bay area street when all of a sudden, bam. tonight, the vicious street attack caught on camera. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. ken and liz have the night off. it is hard to watch, but police gave it to andria borba because they want you to see it. >> he's alive. >> reporter: at the corner of gary and larkin. a homeless man known as robert sore vived survived this. the attack was caught on surveillance video outside gang
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ways bard. owner jung li clean up his blood. >> i let him use my restroom. i treated him. i gave him a drink. >> reporter: in the tenderloin, a neighborhood known for tough talk and tougher characters, nobody had a bad word to say about robert. >> he's a good guy. he is homeless, but he doesn't start trouble. >> reporter: carlos manfredi agrees. >> he always had a smile on his face. no matter the situation or how hungry he could have been. >> reporter: a building attendant named michael visited him and was relieved to see him up and talking after the attack. >> he asked if they caught the guy and i couldn't tell him that. >> reporter: cameras showed him casing robert a few time leading police to believe the attack was premeditated. they are hopeful that more video may have picked up the suspect walking around prior or after the attack. hoping that will get more eyes
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on their suspect. in the tenderloin, andria borba, kpix5. >> the san francisco police are looking for the people who attacked another homeless man last november. 67-year-old ti lam was beaten to death in the financial district. three men beat him. four months later, still no solid leads on who the attackers are. breaking news in san francisco's north beach right now. a smoky apartment fire. this is on columbus between chestnut and francisco. the fire broke out about an hour ago. it is under control now. but as you see, a big response. there is at least one victim. we don't know that person's condition yet. and a live look at san jose's city hall. the rotunda has been turned blue to honor a police officer killed in the line of duty. thousands of people paid their respects to officer michael johnson. they filled the sap center for
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his ceremony. >> if you love him, you miss him, say it out loud and let's rock this place, one, two, three. [ cheers and applause ] >> more from the sap center in a moment, but first, mark sayre with what is happening right now. mark? >> reporter: well veronica, a fundraiser here is underway. and every person here is helping to directly benefit officer johnson's family. as the money gets handed over the bar, everybody knows it is going to a very important cause. and the co-owner says he would not have it any other way. >> it is nice to see the community come together. and support a tragic thing that has happened and try and raise some money here. >> reporter: every dollar made at the bar's two locations is going directly to the family of officer michael johnson. there are bag pipes,
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camaraderie ... >> $6,000 going twice! sold! >> reporter: and auction and a raffle with prizes donated from businesses as far away as the napa valley. most importantly, people who never knew officer johnson say they just had to be here to show their support in any way they could. >> we are out here to support michael. and his family. and i know he was out there protecting the community. so we want to make sure to show our support. >> i feel these men put their lives at risk everydayened i feel like i need to be here to show my appreciation. >> reporter: at last check, this fundraiser raised $25,000 for officer johnson's family. reporting live in san jose, i'm mark sayre, kpix5. law enforcement from all over california and the country came to pay their respects at the sap center. it was a sea of blue. while the police officers were at the funeral, other bay area police departments covered for them. the san jose police tweeted
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this photo of the morning briefing thanking fellow law enforcement for their support. we have continuing coverage on christin ayers talked to a man trapped in a collapsed building. what did he say? >> reporter: luckily, he wasn't hurt. it is really amazing he went when you look at the scope of what happened. you see a car really pushed in on one side here. the rest of the house as you go on is actually pushed on the other side against a house. and if you look right where our cameras are now, that is where the man who we talked to was sleeping when everything came tumbling down. >> crackling. the wood crackling. >> reporter: bubba powell was still napping when he heard it. >> i was in there sleeping and the house came down. >> reporter: neighbors in the block know bubba well. he is homeless, but spends his days doing odd jobs. the owner of the home was letting him live here while it was being built.
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>> i feel like i'm blessed. and lucky. yeah. >> reporter: lucky that he wasn't seriously hurt. neither was his neighbor, michael. the one side of his house was partially crushed and has been red tagged. inside, it looks like an earthquake hit. splintered walls, cracked windows. he noticed as recently as this morning that the house next door was supported by some flimsy scaffolding. >> i think i hope it won't fall on my house. >> reporter: tonight it is no joke. they have to live elsewhere for at least a month. as for bubba, he says the entire block is his home. >> this block keeps me living. >> reporter: and moments later, a gift of muffins from a neighborhood. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. oakland firefighters confirmed the framing of the house weakened and is a total loss. tonight, there is a tentative deal to limit iran's
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nuclear program. >> today, the united states together with our allies and partners have reached an historic understanding with iran. which if fully implemented would prevent it from building a full weapon. as commander-in-chief, i have no greater responsibility than to the american people. i am convinced if this frame work leads to a final comprehensive deal, it will make our could be re, our allies, and our world safer. >> here are the major points. iran would reduce the uranium enriching centrifuges to 6,000 for ten years and not enrich any of it to weapons grade. iran would dismantle a plutonium reactor and iran would open all nuclear facilities to united nations inspections. after the u.n. certified come
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phone compliance, sanctions would be rolled back. they haggled until 4:30 in the morning. cbs reporter margaret brennon sat down with secretary of state john kerry. >> reporter: iran says none of their nuclear facilities are going to shut down. that sounds like a political win. how do you defend that in front of congress? >> look, they will have their narrative and we will have ours. the important thing is, look at the facts. look at the access we will have to their facilities. the tracking of their uranium. the oversight of their promises they have made with respect to this. the accountability we will have. >> reporter: but iran has been clashing with inspectors for years. how can you know they won't cheat? >> well margaret, we have a whole new system we designed and that they accepted and worked onto absolutely answer that question. so that we now have a guaranteed access that they don't provide it. the sanctions come back. >> reporter: do you think this deal is basically a long term
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bet on the future of iran? what does iran look like at the end of 15 years? >> we are not betting. there is no betting here. if they done earn the world's confidence, then we have every option available to us then that is available to us then. >> reporter: secretary kerry says he has no idea if he can turn this frame work into a signed accord with iran, but says getting this far is a great sign. margaret brennan, cbs news, switzerland. a bay area ceo is offering big sales packages. if employees don't like indiana's new law, they can move. >> i just not an e-mail from another employee saying i don't feel comfortable in this state and you have to move me out. i gave him a $50,000 moving
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pack and and you are good to go. jeremy affalt is showing support for the lgbt community. he called for fellow christians to be more accepting. he says i don't think we are showing the love of jesus. gay people are asking for equal rights under the law and jesus walks with the guy community. amid the backlash, indiana governor mike pence has signed changes to the religious freedom law prohibiting the businesses using the law in court as a defense to prevent services for sexual orientation. a new ruling of out of control kids. the state could start taking them away from parents even if it is not the parents fault. why is one bay area city spending $35 million on a brand new water park when we are in a drought? that is what we asked tonight. a sailor steals second
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>> a court ruling tonight has a lot of people paying attention. the judges said state child protective services can remove out of control kid ifs their parents homes. as adriane moore reports, it can happen even if the parents are not at fault. >> reporter: the thought of two- year-old colton or 11 month old chloe out of control for the state raises red flags for their mother nova. >> what is an out of control child? so yeah, that raises a lot of questions for me. >> reporter: if a child faces a substantial risk of harming themselves or others, the state
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can remove them from custody of a parent, even if the mother and father is not to blame. >> this decision does not give the state free reign to interview when children have a tantrum at the grocery store. you can only intervene in this kind of circumstance. if a child's behavior poses a risk of substantial physical harm. >> reporter: but the necessity of that intervention is being hammered out in the court system with two dueling decisions over the culpability of the parents. >> i think you can support change and out of control behavior but providing structure, maybe in the house. >> good step forward, i would say, more an evolving step forward in recognizing the fact that there are these situations that need to be addressed. >> now professor meyers expects this will show up at the
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supreme court. did you feel it? there was a 3.6 earthquake a mile northwest of san ramon. >> i heard the noises and i felt the shake. my girlfriend woke up at the same time. and we thought something felt. >> we have to go and check the bottom of the house. it felt like the house was lifted up and dropped down. >> there were no reports of damages or injuries. tonight, we are learning the calivara fault could produce a much larger earthquake and here is why. scientists at berkeley say the calivara and the harris fault are linked and if they both go at once, the result would be devastating. >> we could have a much larger vault with the hayward and the calivara. from the 7 to the 7.3, you have
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2.5 times the strength. >> it is already considered one of the most dangerous in the country because it runs through such a heavily populated area. baseball is back in the bay area. preseason games. as , giants at at&t park. fans may notice a new easy entry at the gate for season ticketholders and a couple of clocks inside. part of baseball's effort to speed up the game. now, in the outfield, there is a new video board to december play messages. and fans will always have new improved wi-fi to log in and they can also post on social media while they are there. what is it like to take a family out to the ball game this year? we sent joe vasquez to the ballpark to find out. >> awesome. i love being here! >> reporter: at&t park, 2015. >> wait, we are going in this? that would take forever. >> reporter: my assignment? take my two sons to see the new attraction. >> who do you guys want to win? >> the giants because they have won three times in five years and that is pretty good.
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>> so isn't it the as turn? >> no! >> reporter: among the new food booth, gilroy garlic fries. >> yes or no to the fries? >> these are good. >> reporter: okay, 11-year-old antonio liked them. nine-year-old jackson? not so much. let's try tony's pizza. cash only, by the way. >> i want to eat all of it. >> you, jack? you don't want it? >> wow. >> reporter: another new attraction, the championship trophy. >> look, he made it all the way the second. >> what is the best part about all this? >> i get to stay up past my bedtime. >> yes, there is that. >> reporter: what is most important has never been about a ballpark or a game at all. >> it is late and cold and i feel like more alive than ever!
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>> reporter: in san francisco, joe vasquez and sons, kpix5. >> those boys have stomach aches tonight. >> they look just like joe! >> little joe and littler joe! [ laughter ] there was quite a moment during the game, too. >> a navy sailor surprised his mom. she thought he was serving overseas. but no, there he is stealing second base. as you can tell from the look on her face, she had no idea he was going to show up tonight. she started to tear up with excitement once she realized it was her son out on the field. >> i just love him. i just want to hug him and i'm happy he is home and i just can't wait to see him! >> sherry says her son zachary had been deployed more than 200 days and the surprise was in the works for months. >> at first she was probably thinking what is that guy doing out there? >> oh wait! >> and then, when she found out
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it was her son, you put that face back on. >> exactly. nice night for baseball. par for the course. >> beautiful. >> reporter: upper 50s with a little bit of a breeze. which is otherwise known as july in san francisco. we are looking at a big time pattern change. here is something odd. april will feel more like january than january did. that is what is kind of strange. mother nature is all kinds of strange when it comes to the calendar right now. we are mostly clear. it will be very chilly. isolated upper 30s in the north and east bay. away from the waterings concord, 45. santa rosa, 41. had to show you this weather watcher picture. all the roses are blooming early. because that has been so warm and so dry. but, remember this. it is going to rain three days in a row. and that rain will get here on easter sunday with some scattered showers. you will notice a change once we hit the weekend, 72 tomorrow. sunshine.
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that will be the warmest day for a long time. 67 degrees on saturday. and pleasant hill, you may not hit 60 coming up on easter. much cooler, much cloudier, rain on the way. we wanted to see this all winter long. high pressure? not over california. it is retreating. it is moving away. opening the door for something else to move in. there is a significant weather maker up in the gulf of alaska. so first the ridge had to move. done. 500 miles offshore. not moving for a while. if anything, it will steer the storms down into california. isn't that nice? sunday, showers, monday, showers, tuesday, we could see a widespread rain. so we have rain coming up easter sunday. not the next 24 hours. but it are be a big time change coming up over the weekend. especially coming up on easter sunday. highs tomorrow in the low 70s in the south bay. san jose, 72. still above average. mountain view, 70. hayward, 66. san mateo, 68.
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walnut creek, 71. 66 sausalito. petaluma 68. look at this. woe are cooler saturday. it is going to rain on sunday. scattered showers don't cancel anything outside. rain continues monday and tuesday. we are going to stay cooler than average for a while. a welcome change is coming. we will be right back.
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>> tonight, while most of us are figuring out ways we could save more water during the drought, an east bay city is going full speed ahead on a water park. >> dublin wants to turn emerald glen park into a $35 million water park. indoor, out door pools, water slides. this park has been in the works ten years but was postponed when the economy tanked. despite the drought, there is no reason to delay it again, say the city leaders. >> we are moving forward with construction. there is more to the project than just the pools. >> obviously, this has been in the works some time. but the reality is, we are in the midst of a historic drought. and you cannot go forward with something like this in these
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conditions. in good conscience. >> dublin says it has signed contracts to begin construction this week. the water park should be finished in 2017. well, baseball is back in the bay area as the as and giants face off in the bay bridge series and the warriors needed a hero to pick up their 11th straight win. the exciting ♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect
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>> with the top seed in the western conference locked up. the warriors don't have much to play for, but they did try to extend their win streak to 11 as the sons made a visit to oracle. but golden state was in danger for losing for their third time at home this season. 15 seconds left. warriors down to harrison barnes missing down low. but andrew bogut gets the rebound. the ball finds steph curry who knocks down the go ahead three. phoenix suns eric bledsoe beat klay thompson and forced the easy lay up. that is with phoenix back up by one. harrison barnes goes to the rack. and he scores with four tenths of a second left. the dubs win 107-106 extending
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their win streak to 11 games. miami, michael irvin hyped for the nit final. cardinal down one win. jason randall fouled. the senior hits both free- throws. randall had 25 in his final college game. last chance for the hurricanes. stanford wins 66-64. their second nit title if four years. well bruce bochy, buster posey and the giants back in the bay area. oakland up 1. marcus semyon. rickey henderson loving that. two batters later. looks like a triple. but angel pagan bobbles the ball. peavy allowed six earned in three and a third innings. as win 3-2. time for the thursday night top five. number five, it is andre stinger of the main reds d
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league team banks in the half court shot. that is pretty impressive. but number four, stinger does it again. this time to end the third quarter. >> really? >> two and one game. remember, the former all-star is now playing in china and he gets stung by the man they call the chinese shaq. number two, yankees rob snyder gets robbed by josh harrison who makes the diving stop and the throw for the out. at number one, holmes at the first round of the houston open. pulls out for an eagle. an 85 yards out. he is tied for second. two shots off the lead. but the warriors once again showing they are never down, they are always in the game. >> a friend of min tweeted just like the coach through it up. >> that's right. steve kerr new what he was doing. >> not many games left in the playoffs. >> yeah. seven more games.
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this should be good. i think every is ready for the post season. yeah. yeah. >> probably the team more than anybody. >> for sure. >> all right, we'll be right back.
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>> some good news for fans of the 90s tv show full house. >> netflix is close to a reunion show. they are going to call it fuller house. reportedly starring dj and her friend kim. >> what about uncle jeff? he has to be there.
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well, david letterman is next. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> alan: from the magnificent grove of giant sequoias it's the "late show" with david tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. i'm alan kalter, and now a biological conundrum... david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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